property maintenance

Let us take care of your home away from home!

Khao Lak Home Design offers the service of property maintenance. We will be taking care of your property during your absence. Our maintenance service includes:

  •  Proper indoor maintenance:
    • Window cleaning
    • Floor cleaning
    • Furniture cleaning
    • Waste removal
    • Check electrical appliances (Air cons, bathroom water-heaters, TVs, etc.)
    • Check water pump
  • Proper outdoor maintenance:
    • Cutting the grass
    • Trimming trees & bushes
  • Swimming Pool maintenance:
    • We can ensure that your swimming pool is correctly maintained during your absence

Repair Work Service: If some appliances are broken and in need of repair or even replacement, we will send you images and quotations for repair or new item. After your approval we will fix it for you. Other Services included are as following:

  • Mail collection:
    • On your request we can collect your mail on a weekly basis. All important letters, which require your immediate attention, will be scanned and sent to you
  • Bill payments:
    • Be ensured that we pay all monthly bills for you, such as electricity, water, internet and any other monthly fixed costs you have. All paid bills will be filed, and handed over to you on your arrival.
  • Property inspections:
    • Weekly security & safety property check can be arranged. A carful inspection made of your property with a monthly report forwarded to you.
  • Security key holding:
    • Keys to your property will be kept in a safe location, and will be handed over to you on your arrival

Fees vary from property to property. Contact us for more details!

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